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Action Fight League AFL Gulfstream Amateur Series IV- Gavin James Clinch Mafia

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graphic design

Visually captivating designs to improve your fanbase and increase your social media reach

event photography

Capturing impactful images that showcase the high adrenaline of Combat Sports and live events

video production

Make your brand come to life with promotional video production and Live Event production

content creation

Social Media Content Creation, Brand Management and
SEO Marketing

Event Management

We will handle the planning, organizing, and directing of a successful live event

Our creative agency specializes in providing top-tier production, media, marketing, and event management services for the combat sports industry. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we are equipped to deliver dynamic and engaging content for our clients. Our team of experts works closely with our clients to understand their unique brand and strategize effective marketing plans to increase visibility and audience engagement. We also manage all aspects of event planning and execution to ensure a seamless experience for both the athletes and fans. From pre-production to post-event analysis, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional results and helping our clients succeed in the competitive world of combat sports.

Global Legion FC

Titan FC on UFC Fight Pass

Our Photographers capture the intense, physical and emotional moments of mixed martial arts fighting. It combines the technical aspects of capturing movement, lighting, and angles, with the ability to capture the raw emotions of the athletes as they compete.

From pre-production to post-production, every moment of the event needs to be captured to provide a comprehensive experience for the fans. Our skilled professionals in the field are able to mix aggressive camerawork, perfect sound engineering, and smooth coordination of the event to provide high-quality entertainment for viewers all over the world. The speed, intensity, and excitement of combat sports are amplified through the mastery of the event management and live stream production team, who understand the importance of delivering an unforgettable experience to both live and remote audiences.

Promoting live combat sports events requires effective graphic design that captures the energy, excitement, and intensity of the sport. The design should reflect the personality of the event and attract the target audience’s attention.  By creating visually appealing posters and social media content, companies could attract a wider audience and give an edge over their competitors. An effective promotional campaign requires efficient use of graphic design principles and tactics to deliver a clear message resulting in maximum engagement.

Combat sports media coverage is a multi-faceted and exciting area of sports journalism. From the knockout power of boxing to the precision grappling of MMA, combat sports offer thrills and drama like no other discipline. As such, media coverage of these events is dynamic, with reporters, broadcasters, and social media influencers all keeping fans up-to-date and engaged. In-depth analysis of fighters and matchups, interviews with competitors, and live event coverage all help to build the excitement and anticipation surrounding upcoming bouts.

content creation

Social Media content creation and management

Effective social media content creation and management is a fundamental aspect of the combat sports industry. It provides a unique opportunity for fighters, promoters, and organizations to create a dialogue with their fans, showcase their achievements, and keep them informed of updates.

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